Micropolitical Literacy of Early Childhood Educators: A Narrative Inquiry


Ilich Silva Peña (Universidad Católica Silva Henríquez)

Co investigador

Janice Huber Ph D. Director of Centre for Research for Teacher Education and Development. Faculty of Education. University of Alberta




Micropolitical literacy refers to the process of learning about the interests and relations of power in schools. This process occurs in the contexts of the first years as teaching. This process is part of what is known in the literature as “praxis shock”.

The main objective of this research is to describe and inquire into the experiences of micro political literacy learning for early childhood educators teaching in contexts of poverty in Chile. Through the research methodology of narrative inquiry, the study hopes to inquire into the experiences of two new Early Childhood Educators and their experiences of navigating the professional knowledge landscapes of their schools.

Proyecto de colaboración internacional
Univesidad de Alberta – Universidad Católica Silva Henriquez